Our Approach

The business we're in gets more complex every day.
But the reason we're here is simple: to help you efficiently create, protect, and capture alpha in a changing world.

It's a straightforward promise. Delivering on it consistently takes exceptional discipline, insight, and skillful commitment. We don't start out by saying "we're going to innovate now." Instead, we set out to creatively achieve goals, solve problems, or overcome obstacles for our clients. Innovation just happens to be the result.

We believe that it's our job to stay ahead of the markets' next big challenges and opportunities, for you. At the same time, we never lose focus on doing what it takes to meet your here-and-now objectives, day in and day out.

It's a formula that has kept us at the forefront of change in the financial markets for nearly a half century.
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The vision to lead. The focus to perform.

We are in a unique position to help our clients optimize their investment and trading strategies across the global markets. We operate a "client-first" model. We put in place robust and adaptive technology informed by years of experience fine-tuning our capabilities to shifting markets and evolving client objectives.

The result: a suite of solutions engineered for our clients, one by one. Each is built on a foundation of no-excuses technical excellence, calibrated for the sophisticated and relentlessly demanding markets of today, and tomorrow.

We offer the institutional investment community a platform that spans the investment life cycle. It includes a unique US equity research boutique and market insights, full service desks, and advanced electronic trading strategies, access to unique and specialized liquidity, and a suite of award-winning, tailorable workflow solutions that enable you to efficiently manage your investment program your way.

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